Free consultation

30 minutes

A free, no obligation, consultation to see if acupuncture and Chinese medicine can improve your health. We will answer any questions that you have about acupuncture and Chinese medicine, discuss your symptoms and health concerns and go over an effective treatment strategy.


Initial visit

90-120 minutes

In the first half of the visit we will take a comprehensive health history and discuss your current health concerns in greater detail. You will be asked questions about the frequency, intensity and duration of your symptoms in order to track progress. We will take a short break, and the second half of the visit will be the acupuncture treatment. 


Follow up visit

60 minutes

90 minutes


At all future visits for the same condition there will be a short check-in to track progress, followed by spending the majority of the session on the acupuncture treatment.

Most follow up visits will be 60 minutes. If it is a more complicated condition or multiple conditions are being treated which require acupuncture in both face-up and face-down positions, a 90 minute visit is required. 


30 minute visits

30 minutes

30 minute visits are offered for the following conditions. The treatment will vary slightly from individual to individual but will be roughly the same which reduces the time spent discussing symptoms and allows the visit to be much shorter. This is an affordable option for those paying out of pocket, as well as a time saver for those with busier schedules. Patients with health insurance should note that these conditions are not covered by insurance plans at this time.

Relaxation and stress relief: this treatment focuses on eliminating stagnation and relaxing the muscles of the head, neck and shoulders.

Clarity and centering: this treatment utilizes the acupuncture protocol known as Buddha's triangle. The triangle is a symbol of balance across many cultures and this treatment promotes coming back to "point zero" offering a reset for whatever you may be experiencing mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Digestion: this treatment is appropriate for those suffering from diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating, nausea, heartburn and other common digestive complaints. 

Seasonal allergies: this treatment is helpful for dry, watery, itchy or red eyes, stuffy, runny, or itchy nose, sneezing, wheezing, and other symptoms arising from seasonal allergies. Note that most people experience seasonal allergies in the Spring, but many others have allergies that arise during other times of the year and this is helpful for those, as well. 

Common cold: whether you want to prevent catching a cold, are in the early stages and want to prevent it from becoming worse, or you are in the throes of it and just want some relief, this treatment can help. For added relief, schedule a fire cupping session before or after your treatment to aid in removing stagnation from the lungs.

PMS: this treatment is helpful for mood changes, changes in digestion, acne, breast tenderness, headaches and other symptoms that occur in the monthly cycle before a period begins. 



15 minutes

This treatment utilizes the protocol known as 5NP. Five small needles are taped into each ear and can be left on for 3-5 days, thus providing continuous treatment to reduce cravings, ease uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, relieve pain in the body, improve sleep disturbances and support healing. Note that drugs, alcohol and cigarettes are not the only indications for this treatment; in our culture we are also addicted to things like food and electronic devices. All of these behaviors have in common that we are avoiding feeling our feelings and are shutting down the process of letting our emotions run their natural course and dissipate. Therefore, addressing your emotions will be a necessary part of the healing process. This protocol is not intended as a stand-alone treatment but should be used as part of a comprehensive recovery program. 

Foot Reflexology

30 minutes

Foot reflexology has been practiced in China for centuries. Organs of the body are mapped to different areas on the foot and each area has a specific way that it is pressed. Depending on what condition is being treated, the practitioner selects a group of several organ areas to treat at each visit. All foot reflexology combinations have the added benefit of promoting relaxation and well being.

Fire Cupping

30 minutes

Fire cupping involves inserting a flame into a glass cup, which removes the oxygen and creates a vacuum. When this is placed on the skin it creates suction. The cups can be left stationary or they can be moved over lubricated skin. In both cases the treatment will leave hickey-like marks that should be covered by clothing for several days. It is also preferable not to bathe or shower for 24 hours after cupping, if possible. Chinese medicine sees these marks as vulnerable points for the entry of wind or cold and recommends protecting them from these invasions. 

Cupping is used for two main purposes, one is for respiratory conditions. Cupping loosens the congestion and buildup of phlegm and other fluids in the lungs that accompany issues like common cold, flu, cough, asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema.

The other purpose of cupping is for pain in the soft tissues. Some patients describe cupping as feeling like a reverse massage, since instead of pressing down it is pulling up.  Cupping releases fascia, breaks up scar tissue, increases blood flow and flushes out toxins stored in tense muscles.